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Roblee handles the sale of your business from start to finish ensuring that sellers can remain focused on running their business while still exploring their options. Our traditional process is segmented into seven key stages handled by your Roblee advisor.

1) Goal Setting - Identify and explore the business owners goals, both personal and financial.

2) Preparation - Complete an internal review to ensure all financial, operational, and tax items are prepared for sale. Our team will then prepare a detail package for prospective buyers.  

3) Go To Market - Our team will connect with our extensive network of industry, financial, and independent investors. All communications with these buyers will be covered by a non-disclosure agreement.

4) Manage Prospective Buyers - Roblee generates on average 4 to 6 offers for every mandate we work on, ensuring that we maximize the value of your business by maintaining a competitive sale process.

5) Negotiate - Once final offers are submitted, Roblee will review these with the seller and negotiate on their behalf.

6) Financing & Closing - Roblee assists the prospective buyer, if required, in sourcing the necessary financing while handling the closing conditions for final sale. 

7) Transition of Business -  Roblee has extensive contacts in the wealth management industry, who can assist our sellers in reinvesting their proceeds to better enjoy their retirement.

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If you are looking to grow into new markets, add a new product line, or diversify your holdings into new sectors, Roblee can assist you with your search.

We are retained by growth orientated companies to search for desired acquisition targets and offer the buy-side support needed to close on these transactions. Our acquiring clients remain confidential until we have found their desired acquisition target.  

We regularly work with clients to identify sectors or regions of interest assisting them in completing market analysis reports. We streamline the process for all parties involved, giving the seller clarity by providing a single point of contact to communicate with, while buyers have the opportunity to review multiple targets sourced by our team. 



Our extensive network spans across all major banks, local credit unions, and private lenders, ensuring that your financing needs are met. Whether you are looking to grow and find competitive financing or looking to refinance an existing loan for more flexibility, Roblee can help you prepare, negotiate, and close these financing needs. Our process is simple;

1) Goal Setting - Sit down with ownership and identify their key needs and areas of focus. 

2) Preparation - We prepare a short business prospectus with the financial and personal information required by the banks, ensuring that all information is gathered upfront.

3) Lender Outreach - With this prospectus, Roblee will approach its network of lenders and source multiple term sheets for your business. We will discuss all options with you to ensure that the right financing partner is identified.

4) Closing - Roblee will work with the bank to move from term sheet to offer of finance quickly, while assisting the owner in fulfilling all conditions of financing. 

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