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Roblee Capital was founded to support Canadian-based lower mid-market businesses looking to either sell their company or acquire competitors. Unlike M&A advisors at traditional banks or accounting firms, Roblee aims to offer a tailored solution where every mandate is handled with the same care and focus.

Robert Bezede, President & Founder

Robert is an experienced M&A advisor and commercial lender, having previously worked for Roynat Capital, a division of Scotiabank. During this time, Robert financed over $220MM in real estate, cash flow, and mezzanine loan transactions. Since leaving Roynat, Robert has advised clients on raising capital and structuring buyouts in the private equity, media, and automotive sectors. He has also sold several lower mid-market businesses in the lumber, construction, and medical sectors.

Mission Statement

"Our purpose is to be the trusted advisor for Canadian entrepreneurs seeking to successfully transition or grow their business while protecting their family goals and preserving their legacy."

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